Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Trip To Galtymore

 On Sun. May 14th we had a club trip to Galtymore where on a good day you can see 7 counties in all angles as it is nearly in the centre of the country, you get there by turning at the sign for Galtymore just outside Kilbehenney.
  The track we chose started at Kings Yard which is ideal as yo have security for your cars and you have changing facilities after the walk is over.
 The way we went is that we headed out of Kings Yard northwards up the the laneway in the centre of the farm yard and when we reached the end of the lane way we rambled along on the eastern slope of Knocknagalty before turning righr & heading eastwards over a small river which actually is the county bounds between Limerick & Tipperary which led us onto a pathway on a slope on the other side guiding us onto the Black Rd. which we stayed on all the way to the valley or coll between Galtymore & Galtybeag,  which we decided not to climb.
This is one bad part of the journey in that this section can be quite boggy on wet days but this day was dry so things were not so bad.

  At this stage we turned left & westwards towards the top and the weather at this time was a small bit windy but also dry & sunny with a good view all around. Now this is the section and a lesson to be learnt in that as we were at the top  Galtymore  &
had our break a very bad shower came along with a lot of hail stone in it and personally speaking I was lucky to have a second jacket but had no gloves, you should always be prepared even on a May day, but thankfully as we descended to the boggy plateau the cold & wind started to disappear.
 This is not a nice part of the Loop as you have to figure your way around the humps & hollows of this boggy section. After getting through & heading towards Knocknagalty peak on our way back the view was good and clear again. We ended our journey by meandering & descending back towards Kings Yard & a change of clothes and headed on towards Mitchelstown for a welcome stop over for a bowl & a bite with a cuppa and a chat to end our day.

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