Monday, 15 May 2017

Club Trip Doing the Old Kenmare Rd #ClubTripBlogs

 On April 9th we did a club trip with a difference. For a start we had a great group of 14 and the start was to drive to Kenmare from where we had a bus hired
to take us back into Torc Waterfall from we were to start our trip. This was a day out with a difference as it was probably more of a walk than a climb.
 The first leg was to start at the car park at Torc Waterfall
and climb up the steps and at he the top of this climb we turned left for Kenmare along the old road.
 This section is the same as if if you were going to climb Torc mountain, this you could climb if you wanted. Also on your left is Mangerton Mountain.
 You now proceed to ramble through Killarney National Park & all its beauty. On days like this you really appreciate what a beautiful country we live in.
  On this trip you really do get a bit of everything in lakes, streams , mountains, small forests

and plenty of good views and yet it is still a walk suitable for all in that the climbs were not that strenuous. One thing very handy was the amount of sleepers to get you over any wet lands or boggy spots.
  This trip took us over 4 hours but as we were not in a hurry we got a chance to take the scenery in and after a while the sea and Kenmare comes into view  in the distance.
 If you had to find fault in one aspect is the long walk on tarmac roads at the end which can be tiring on the legs. But at least you have the lovely town of Kenmare awaiting you, this town has a lovely ambiance to it and it is always a lovely place to visit and for sure you will not be short of places to eat or drink and for sure we went for one and a bowl and a bite at the end of this trip.
 Again we have been extremely lucky in our days out. Long may it last.

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