Monday, 31 October 2016

Trip from Shrone Lake To Caherbanagh & Back

On Sunday Oct the 23rd we set off on a mystery tour so as we left Kanturk we did not know where we were setting off to. We met the rest of the group in Rathmore and we folloewed on the lead car. A few miles away the mystery was starting to unveil. We were heading towars the northern side of The Paps. We eventually ended up at the gateway to the mountain road at Shrone Lake. This road disects the mountains and can lead you out to the other side near Glenflesk & where we usually start the hike up The Paps.But this day instead of going right for The Paps we were turning left.

In tthe days group we had 9 which was a good number, we started our hike on the mountain roadway & after a few hundred yards we turned left up Shrone More and headed on upwards towards Knocknabro, at this stage of our the morning mist was still down low & it was windy as well so we did not go to the top of this one.Once we got to the top of the first climb most of the day consisted of lots of rambling of going up & downwards through the mountain and as we stretched into the day the weather was starting to clear and it was remaining dry which is always good.

At this stage our destination was the top of Caherbanagh which was the only place still covered in cloud and mist.

We descended down from the top and skirted along the top of the gully heading on towards Glanaphrene where we were intending to link up with the Duhallow Trail. At this stage the skies and scenery were now unfolding nicely on all sides of us.

At this stage we moving more or less parrallel to the main Mallow to Killarney road in the distance with good location markers of the Cadbury factory and the wind turbines of Munster Joinery in view.
Taking the time of the year the conditions were absolutely fantastic and even for the fact of meeting up with the odd boggy patch the blue skies made you forget it very quickly.At this stage The Paps were coming back into good view again so that meant our trip was coming to an end.
We had a great day out and the weather for the most part was really good and this was a new route for us which all adds up and make it another memorable day but I can say talking for most of us that we were tired as we were out six hours and we were glad to see the cars and the chance of a reward of a cup of Coffee & a treat and a drink on the way home.

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