Sunday, 9 October 2016

A simply sensational October day on Ireland's Highest

This was definitely the best day we had so far on the Reeks. We were a little bit afraid about the weather while driving to Killarney as the fog was very thick and it looked like was going to stay with us for the day giving us no chance  for the good views. But then it suddenly disappeared and by the time we got to Lisleibane car park the day turned out to be the most beautiful warm and sunny and it felt more like July than October. Absolutely unbelievable...

Heavenly Gates

We decided to climb up the Heavenly Gates and go down the Devil's Ladder.
The Sun shining all the way up and no breeze made us all feel very warm and at some point all the spare layers of clothing we wore came out and landed in our backpacks. It was a day for t-shirts and shorts. 

Heavenly Gates is a nice route and a good alternative to two other popular ascent routes: Devil's Ladder and O'Shea's Gully. The other two routes can be very busy at times especially when the weather is so good. There's a mountain rescue hut on that route just in case somebody has to stay overnight when the conditions are too bad to make a safe descent. We always show it to everyone doing that route for the first time and so we did this time too. 

Heavenly Gates

But our best place is definitely a ledge at the Heavenly Gates where you can get amazing views of the Hags Glen. And the views today were amazing!
At the top you could still stay in your t-shirt. Sunny, warm with no breeze... So unusual in that place even in the summer... There's no words to describe the feeling and the clarity of the views. 

At the top

The view towards Hags Glen and Eastern Reeks


Beenkeragh Ridge
Going down the Ladder

We descended via Devil's Ladder this time as we don't really like the long Zig-Zags route. Always remember to be careful and take your time while going down the Ladder.

We did our hike in 5 hours and 20 min including our lunch break which was a good time. 

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