Sunday, 29 May 2016

Whow !! What a day up Hungry Hill

There is very little I can say about this trip as only the pictures will tell the story. It was a fantastic day. The only thing that you could find being wrong is that at times there was no breeze to cool you down from the warmth but in this country we do not complain about the weather.

On this Sunday we set of with a crew of 12 to Hungry Hill which is located just past Adrigole and short of Castetownbere in the deep south west of Cork. There is a saying that by the time you reach Mitchelstown from near here you are half way to Dublin. Another bit of information is that on top of the mountain the Cork / Kerry border runs along , we cannot get everything right !!!

The one thing is that you really do find out why they call this place Hungry Hill in that it is a pure wall of rock and a common comment was that it was no wonder that people emigrated or just moved away from here , in that on a good day like the day we were here but it must be really hard to survive of the land as it is that barren and in only the last 20 or 30 years tourism has benefited this economy.
The one thing about this mountain is it can be quite dangerous if you do not know your way around it or have an experienced guide in that the cloud can come in of the ocean and stick on the mountain top quite quickly and you get stranded or lost easily.

The  things that were  very different from the last time we were here last September was this time the route was dry as in September the pathway was really wet & slippy and another thing was last at the top it was freezing and the gloves had to come out, it was September.
This time we really did get treated a beauty in the day we had and got the chance to appreciate this stunning beauty. Oh what a day, pity some of our regulars were missing.