Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The Clara Loop - Somewhere so beautifull but so close

After doing Mangerton on Saturday and with the fact that I had a few other things on I was looking to go somewhere but it had to be close. The Clara Loop was decided upon and one thing great about it , this also allowed us to bring a few young lads as it was suitable for them.
Once you got to the cross which we got over with early nearly all the hard stuff was over with, after passing on the Cross and the Stones we headed on westwards facing on towards Caherbanagh.

After a while strolling along with some good weather on our side, not to forget we got some nasty showers in between. Thought the April showers were supposed to be gone, so much so one really nasty shower came within 50 yard of us but passed along beside us without dampening our stride. At this point of our was good because looking back towards Caherbanagh & Kerry was breathtaking. At this stage you are under the cross and mountain and above Ballyday and some of our younger companions were mentioning Cadburys, bringing to mind the thoughts of nice chocolates on seeing the factory below us.

The reason you do not do the Clara Loop more is that it can be mucky in places so just make sure if you decide to do it that it has been dry for a while.
Another thing about this trip is that when you think you have all the hard stuff done, there is a climb back up into the forest which is a bit of a drag and can take it out of your legs.
On coming through the forest we meet up with the most common used  pathway up to the cross and we turn for the cars on time leaving us with plenty of the day to do other things and yet have a good day out.

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