Sunday, 15 November 2015

Wild, Wet & Windy morning on Caherbarnagh

It is very easy to describe this group outing. It was wet, windy and wild but after getting that out of the way, we did set of with a good group considering the conditions with a total of 9. We were delighted to see a new and young recruit in Maeve Lynes in joining, I only hope she does not question her father for dragging her out on a day like this.
For most of us it was our first time up Caherbanagh so we were delighted to have an experienced guide with us in Denis O'Mahony who looked after us very well. On days like this it is vital to have a well experienced person with the group, as all is fine until something goes wrong. Thanks again Denis from all of us.
Padraig, all wet but still smiling :)
The proof that we did make it to the top,
(the bottle isn't ours)
Our group motto is 'Hillwalking is about Exercise, Scenery and Fresh Air', we certainly got 2 of 3. The missing link was scenery!!! All the view was of cloud and fog. You will have days like this , so you just put your head down and drive on. Our total route just took over 2.5 hrs as there was no pictures or snack times.
It is days like this that make you really appreciate the dry sunny summer days, but one thing it certainly blows away the cobwebs or any dregs in your body. Also on a day like this you really look forward to a good shower, dry clothes, something hot to eat or drink and nearly throw yourself into the fire to warm up again.
Finally always remember one thing, Always Respect the Landowner by closing gates and leaving the place as you find it. If this is not done places like this will become inaccessible to the detriment of everybody. 
To better sunny or dry days out!! 

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