Sunday, 1 November 2015

Trip to The Paps West and East

A good group of 11 of us set off from Kanturk on a trip to The Paps passing through Rathmore, taking a left turn at Barraduff for Glenflesk, taking a left turn at Glenflesk towards Macroom and a few miles over the road we started to follow the signs for Clydagh Bridge and Shrone Lake.
On the way back it was extremely foggy around Rathmore but after that it seemed to clear and that the fog was lifting.
We got to our starting point where it was still cloudy and foggy which stayed with us all the way to the first, West summit. What we noticed here was the fact that Northern side was clear but because there was very little wind, there was nothing to blow away the fog and cloud from the Southern side. But the views from the Summit were stunning, we were over the cloud and fog.

Looking west towards Mangerton and Macgillycuddy's Reeks

Group photo on The Paps West
There were spectacular views on three sides, all the way back to the Kerry mountains on one side to Caherbanagh and Clara on the other side with the TV mast at Mullaghanish rising stunningly over everything. Here we were told that this was the largest structure in Ireland, it was definitely stunning on this morning. Also all the area under us from Rathmore to Ballydesmond stretching from North Kerry to North West Cork were offering us a good reason to sit down and enjoy our snack time looking out at what was in front of us.

The Paps East from The Paps West

We left the Paps West, down into the valley to again start our next climb to the Paps East, again there was no great hurry on us because you really had to stop and stare at the beautiful view.

The Paps West from The Paps East

Descending to The Shrone Valley
Next thing was the descent towards the Shrone Valley where we started to head back into the cloud again, we got down to the forest roadway that connects around Rathmore on the Northside to the other side, here we took a short stroll towards Shrone Lake but again the conditions were dominating as the Cloud was stuck in the Valley but at least one thing the day was dry. We all headed back to the cars and for a pit stop in Rathmore to discuss our day. On our way here we looked right towards The Paps , and there they were in all their glory. Clear!! We probably had got to the top too early but that is the way the cookie crumbles and that is why you really appreciate the good clear dry sunny days out. Yes we had a really good day out but so close to being a brilliant day.

The Paps from the distance

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