Saturday, 10 February 2018

Mount Hillary

On Saturday 10/02 the club outing was to Mount Hillary. This mountain could be considered the spiritual home of the club. It is on these slopes that potential members are interviewed and assessed. Halfway up the bike track one has a fair idea whether they will show up for the next walk.Though Mount Hillary is part of the Boggeras it sort of stands alone and is easily distinguished from afar.
We met up at the Glen road entrance at 09.31. The weather was excellent for walking. We kept on the  main track for about 100 meters and instead of staying on the roadway veering right we went straight on a dirt track.This eventually took us to the foot or the steps. We went up the steps and at the top we turned left until we reached the bike track. We continued on this track to the trig point at 391 meters.
The day was clear and the views were good. Conditions underfoot were mucky in places, but that was to be expected after the weather we have had. We stopped at the trig point to rest up.Some people could point out their estates from this vantage point.
We then headed past the communication masts and when we came to the crossroads we turned left and from there it was downhill all the way to our starting point.
We then decided to go to Murphy’s Drumcummer for the customary tea / coffee. Here we chatted about walks done and walks to come....It was nice to see a good turn out, and a new face.

Because in the end,
you won’t remember
   the time
you spent working in the office
or mowing your lawn.

Climb that goddam mountain............. Jack Kerouac

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