Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Mangerton Mountain

On Wed 27/12/17 the club outing was to Mangerton Mountain. Leaving town at 09.30 we headed for Killarney the roads were dodgy but drivable with care. The weather looked ok. After Barraduff we ran into a heavy shower of hail but decided to continue. Before reaching Killarney the sky brightened. We parked up at the trail head where already there was a few cars and people about.
We changed into our gear and started the climb, conditions underfoot were quite muddy, and a few hundred meters in we got a shower of hail, which thankfully cleared. Onwards and upwards we went through Cormacs Haggard where here in 1262 Cormac Mac Cartaigh defeated the Anglo Norman FitzGeralds. However Cormac lost his life in the melee.
As we ascended conditions underfoot got better we made steady progress each meter gained helping to shed the Christmas excesses, Turkey, plump pudding, trifle,beer wine evaporating as we crunched our way through the snow.The talking stopped and all that could be heard above the labored breathing  was the silence of the mountain.
All around the mountains wore a mantle of white and the views were spectacular over the lakes and towards the Reeks.We got sun and snowfalls as we went upwards.

We stopped at around 650 meters near the Torc river where  we had some hot drinks and food. At this point there was a bitter North West wind hitting us from the right. After crossing the Torc we made our final assault on the summit, after awhile we were sheltered from the wind and on reaching the summit at 839 meters we were greeted with sunny weather. Very soon ominous clouds were gathering
and we decided to beat a hasty retreat back the way we came. Before long the snow came down and visibility was down to about 200 meters it was easy to see how a person could become disoriented, as it was practically a whiteout.

Eventually it cleared and we made good progress the light on the lakes was magical as it reflected the clouds.
Finally we reached the car park. We changed and did our good deed for the day by pushing a car that was stuck in the verge for a fellow walker.
We called to the Killarney Oaks for the cuppa and chat. This was truly an unique experience and well worth the effort required.

Difficult roads
Often lead to
Beautiful destinations

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