Monday, 9 October 2017

Curra Hill Glenbeigh

The club outing on Sunday 08/10 was to Curra Hill which overlooks Glenbeigh and Rossbeigh in Kerry. A small but enthusiastic crew set off at 8.30. After a quick Coffey stop in Glenbeigh we went to the staring point at Faha Wood. Here there is ample parking. We headed off through  a fairy trail dotted with little houses and fairy door ect all put in by the local community. It is a magical place to bring young children for a stroll. Leaving the fairy trail behind we turned up the hill, through forestry. Though only 275 meters it is fairly steep and could be classed as a cousin to the bike track on Mount Hillary. Finally we emerged from the trees and some great views opened up looking down on
Glenbeigh and across to Inch. As we climbed the view got better Dingle Peninsula, Rossbeigh were spread out in all their glory. The weather was ideal for walking and ground conditions were good. Onwards and upwards we went. When we came to the summit we deviated from the planned route and went further on to the next hilltop. It was worth it from here there were some fantastic views.
We rested up here before making our way down to pick up the original route. We finally reached the road and there is a small bit of road walking. However the road was closed by Kerry Co Council but we pushed on regardless. When we arrived in Rossbeigh we had a choice we could either do a walk in the beach or continue along the Kerry Way to our starting point. It was decided to push on. This route brings you on an off road track under Curra Hill back to the car park. Arriving at the car park it was decided that the day being so good. We would take a look at another walk nearby. So we loaded up and headed to Glenbeigh. Turning right at the Towers hotel we found the start of the route and parked up.The route started near a brightly painted cerese pink house, which proved to be an invaluable landmark when navigating our way down.
There is a lane way leading up a good bit of the way, leaving the lane way we crossed a fence to what we thought was the summit only to find that it was a false summit and the real summit at 493 meter was some distance away we finally made the top of Seefin and from here we could see Caragh Lake Killarney and some incredible scenery. It would be hard to find a nicer place to be on a Sunday afternoon. There wasn’t a puff of wind and the sky’s were clear.
After time taking in the view we decided to make our way down. As this was a completely new route to us, the forementioned pink house shone out like a beacon to guide the small but happy crew home.
Finally we reached the start and changed. It was decided to call to the Towers Hotel for refreshments.
Here over soup and sandwiches we discussed new routes that we spotted during the day.
Even though the numbers were small and the gender balance was completely out of kilter, with no woman present.It was a memorable day out. We got two walks for the price of one.

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