Monday, 7 August 2017

A memorable Trip To The Cliffs Of Moher

 On Sun, Aug. 6th we set off on another new trip,with a good group of 13,.this time to the the Cliffs Of  Moher Walking Trail which is approx. 20 km long. Our first destination was Doolin which was nearly 90 miles away through Ennis & Ennistymon where we parked our cars and boarded the Park & Ride Bus to the start of the trail near Liscannor

 We have climbed higher, longer & tougher but this really was a day to remember as only by visiting this place will you really appreciate the sheer beauty & all the unbelievable views that make up this trip where you really are walking close to the edge. This trail is as dangerous as you want to make it,
there is in most place's an inner path which is safer or another which is close to the edge. It really is in your own hands & up to how brave you are but you really could get in trouble if you started to mess around. You can fairly easily get fantastic views by taking a bit of care & get the real height of the Cliffs & the unbelievable power of nature.
 The most stand out thing was the amount of people were at the Visitor Centre with tourists from all over taking in this iconic place which is a main stay of the Wild AtlanticWay which advertises our country and the beauty of it.Thousands of people, the place was thronged.
 After the Visitor Centre  & our lunch break we set off on the second leg to Doolin and with more fantastic views as we traveled with the Aran Islands in the distance. We finally got to Doolin & our cars and the one thing you would notice was the amount of time this trip took, it must have taken about 5 hours as everyone
was stopping to take photos & peep over the edges along the way and we are from Ireland, you must wonder what the tourists feel & experience. An unbelievable spot & I have been here before.
 To prove the popularity of this area was we could not find a place to get a bite or a cuppa so we ended up in Lisdoovarna to finish off our day and discuss the day.
This part of the day is also important to us as we believe in a bot of a sociable side as well.Again we did what said we would do at the start of the year a good bit of variety in our walks,some up high, some down low, some easy, some hard but always to try something new with a bit of a social side thrown in.

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