Friday, 2 June 2017

The Charity Climb -2017

 The nearly once a year Charity Climb takes place in aid of decided good causes,this time it was decided those chosen charities were Kanturk Hospital  & The Irish Cancer Society both worthy  causes as Kanturk Hospital is a great place in need of funds and unfortunately in the case of the latter a causethat affects too many.
  Last time we went to Mount Brandon but this time we went back to The Big One - Carrantoohill. It is the highest and always a good test and for those who do not do Hill walk the challenge is always to go there, The Highest !
 The climb list is made up of members of the 3 local Hillwalking or Climbing groups, Kanturk Hill Walkers & Mountain Climbers , DHC Duhallow Hillwalking Club & The Hard Core Hillwalking Group. and other other Hillwalking enthusiast's who are not affiliated to any group and individuals who just want to do a climb once a year or so. All the different clubs help out in their own way mostly by members agreeing to be group leaders as the overall list is broken down into smaller gangs with those leaders looking after their own few. Many thanks to the Group Leaders who take responsibility for about 15 people and guide them to the top in a safe manner, without these people The Climb would not go ahead. This time we set off with 39 which was a very good turnout.
 On Sunday April 30th this years trip was planned but the the Irish Weather decided to have a say and that trip got cancelled the night before for safety. That time we had 60 going but we had to take the hit & look forward again, The second time God shone a good day upon us & gave us that second chance & we made the most of it.

  The group of 39 set out from Cronin's Yard and the decided  route was to go up via O'Sheas Gully which is a good route for all  and the one thing that played into our hands was the fabulous day we were about to meet. The only bit wrong with it was it may have a slight bit too warm. Are we Irish or not !! But it was warm & lots of water needed. A good complaint.
 The one thing about The Charity Climb is gives a lot of people a chance to see the Top Of The Country and hopefully get a clear day. They met a near perfect day, Calm, Clear, Windless & Fantastic Views.The view stryched in all angles. You may go there another 100 times & you will probably not get a better day at the top. The Great Views !!! 360 Degrees !! #NoBetterPlace

Time to get back down, I think most people came down The Devils Ladder which is the shortest way home but you earn it, as for some people coming down is neaqrly harder than going up as it is hard on the knees, joints & muscles.Once you reach the bottom it is a straight route home on the virtual flat but still stony & bumpy pathway until you reach after about an hour, Cronin Yard . The one bad thing about Carrantoohill is that it takes a good stroll to get in & out from the climb.
The one thing great about Cronin's Yard is car safety & after climb changing facilitates plus the chance of a cuppa plus a nice  thing !! before you head for home which in this case was The Alley Bar.

Before I go any further the after Climb Food was all sorted by Nuala McCarthy, Margret O'Keeffe and Geraldine Murphy and Many Thanks To Them.. It Was Fab!! And To Eilish & The Alley Bar - Many Thanks !!

At this stage I show you a group picture from  The Alley Bar where there is no alcoholic drink on the table. But yes we had a good night & a laugh and a few !. 
So Till next The Charity Climb I Bid you goodbye .

Thanks To 
The Climbers 
All the Group Leaders
All The Sponsors
The People That Sponsored
The Alley Bar Restaurant !!
To Kanturk Hospital & The Irish Cancer Society

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