Monday, 20 June 2016

The Importance Of Proper Gear

 On Saturday I went to Carranutoohil which is probably one of the best & most popular places to go for a climb as it is the highest in the country with great views and scenery on a good day leaving you breathless with the beauty this country has, There are a few things great for climbers on this mountain is that there are always a load of people around especially at the week ends and that are defined paths on the way to the top. Yow will get to the top at your own pace, remember it is not a race. The most important thing is to get there safely, if I can get there believe me anyone can. But there is one thing you first of all learn to do is to respect this mountain because if you go looking for trouble you will find it and the most basic thing is having the proper gear. Hiking is an activity you can start for very little money but it is important to get a few basics.
  Carrauntoohil is a place often used for Charity Climbs, the first thing you should have is BOOTS !! BOOTS !! BOOTS !! even a cheap pair to get you started but have something to support your ankles. This was relevant on Saturday as someone did twist an ankle near the top and the rescue Helicopter had to call out as well as about 10 of the Mountain Rescue Crew had to bring the person down. This person may have had proper gear on and just had an unfortunate slip which has happened us all at some stage but your chances of getting injured are increased by not having proper boots.
  All I can sat is there is always a lot of people going out and sometimes getting injured all because they do not have proper BOOTS. This means others have to leave there daily work to bring people down.


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