Saturday, 19 March 2016

Carrauntoohil For The First Time in 2016 Part 2 (& Clara)

Two groups went out this time.

The first was a small group of those who couldn't go up Carrauntoohil last Sunday. Together with Denis O'Mahony our favorite  Mountain Leader, we climbed it today. For two of the group, Roseann and Stephanie this was the first ascent of  'The Big One' and they did very well.
We decided to follow the same route as the group of us who did it last week. Starting from Lisleibane we climbed up The Heavenly Gates hoping for the clouds to lift up, but we had no luck this time. 
The Boots at The Heavenly Gates

The cross was occupied by the group of Scouts from Dublin who were doing The Four Peaks 2016 Challenge and as a result of that we had to wait for our turn to take our group photo. But the cafe was ours, because we were faster than them and there was too many of them to fit inside (LOL). 

The Heffernan Gang: Roseann, Stephanie & Anna (almost Heffernan) at the top

No views from the top this time so the 2 girls will have to come back some day to see it.

Denis minding us on the Devil's Ladder
As we were descending the Scouts were behind us singing mad and having a great time. We were very happy that they decided to go down The Zig Zags, because they could move a lot of stone going down The Devil's Ladder(!) Big groups should avoid this route especially going down.
We descended carefully with no rush.

When we were down, we looked up and of course now the top was clear. We admired the north-eastern side of the Big One for a while, planning to do Hags Tooth and Howling Ridge(!) some day (only the hard core part of the club :) ) 
We walked back to the car and went back home stopping in Rathmore for a drink and a chat. We had a lovely day out and just can't wait to go back there as we love the place so much...


The second group went up Clara, a small but lovely hill with gorgeous views of our beloved Duhallow.

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